Motorcycle Tent – Who’s The Winner? (MUST READ! – 2019)

Just as you keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape, you should keep yourself in good health as well when you travel. Getting a good night’s sleep in a top-quality motorcycle tent is the way to do just that, and will ensure that you and your passenger, if traveling with one, have the most enjoyable and memorable trip possible.

Our top motorcycle tent reviews examined a few key factors when rating them. We looked at the following when deciding which ones were the best:

  • Size
  • Gear Storage
  • Packing Size
  • Materials
  • Quality
  • Custom Carry Bag
  • Custom Made for Motorcycles?

So, turn the key, up that kickstand and let’s take a look at these motorcycle tents.

Before we start here, I am a tent designer for Lone Rider. Full disclosure! I designed it from the ground up. It's my perfect tent and drawn all the experience I have had and put it into this 2 person tent.  

With that said, this is the only true motorcycle tent without a “garage” for the motorcycle travel.

Setting the motorcycle tent up is easy to do. The tent features a one pole spine connection setup, and all the poles are connected together so it is easy to set up and take down. In case you have to get up and out of someplace quick due to weather or not feeling so great it will be a quick setup and tear down.

Looking at packing size: It will fit comfortably in many motorbike luggage and pannier luggage systems like most of us have. Heck, you could tie it down to any part of the bike. It measures 40cm/16 inches by 15cm/6 inches all packed up, an ideal pack size for a motorcycle tent.

Looking at size while pitched: This could definitely sleep two adults comfortably with room to spare. It is 130cm/51 inches wide on the inside and the outer vestibule measure 65cm/25 inches apiece. It is 234cm/88 inches tall when constructed. 

Gear Storage: The gear storage aspect of any good motorcycle tent and they have put ample thought and ample space for you to put all your gear. There is plenty of room for riding gear and helmets, boots and jackets, and you can place them all inside or keep them under the vestibule fly. Basically, you could store everything except the bike itself.

Materials: The tent is great for three-season use. We even put one of our staff members inside this motorcycle tent for the night in a heavy storm and it was waterproof, just like the manufactures proclaimed. The material is UV resistant, fire retardant, and waterproof polyester that is great for standing up to the elements.

Custom Carry Bag: It is designed to fits on the bike. It’s got a tie down MOLLE system, as well as a safety triangle in case of a roadside breakdown.

Another safety feature is the SOS ground map, the idea is if you are in trouble you can display the SOS ground map to helicopters and wave down help, it also has Morse code and how to correctly say “yes/no” to rescuers.

Is it a custom made motorcycle tent? – Yes. This tent will fit comfortably with into your adventure on your journey whether you’re going across the country, world or even for just a day-trip away from home.

“15+ custom features just for motorcycle travel”

Here are just a few:

  • Cable Flaps to lock up gear
  • Perfect Pack Size
  • Overlander ready colors
  • Personal + Unique map designs
  • Multi-Use – Inner tent/Fly only
  • Large Door Access
  • Practical quick store doors
  • Security hooks
  • Drying system

It was designed for and by bikers like you.

What I liked

  • Some models are sold with maps you can use to plan your trip
  • 15 features designed just for motorcycle camping
  • Door is extra-large for easy access
  • The motorcycle tent is fire retardant
  • Plenty of gear storage
  • Excellent quality materials and construction design
  • The makers of this tent use feedback from bikers to build tents

What I didn't like

  • SOS Ground sheet sold separately
When I first got hold of this tent, we were a bit worried as only a backpacker’s tent. However, it could do well as a motorcycle tent and the packed size of this tent works well for adventure riding.

I lived in this tent for two years traveling around Africa.  I took real care of it and it held up well. Good tent, but you must be gentle with it or it will rip. 

It measures only 16x15cm/18×6 inches when packed up, so you can carry this around wherever you go.

 Setting up the tent and taking it down was pretty much a breeze. We only had to go through the paces a few times before the task was mastered. It is not custom made motorcycle tent specifically, so do not expect a vestibule where you can put your bike for the night and keep it protected from rain and other elements.

You will need to pack a cover with you or at least a tarp, but this little tent does do a nice job in the space-saving department.It is made of good ripstop nylon, and you do get that nice Durashield protection so that you need not to worry about the rain or any other moisture coming in.

Although the Lone Rider motorcycle tent material is much more durable than this MSR tent. We also liked the glow in the dark zipper pulls; very handy if you must go out for fresh air or when nature calls in the middle of the night.

Size is no problem with this great tent. The weight is 1.72 kg/3 lbs 13 oz.. It sleeps two people ok, you will enjoy a nice 2.7sq. m/29 sq. ft area in which to rest and lie down comfortably after a long day of riding and exploring.

Gear storage was a pain point for us in this tent. This tent is not as tough as the ADV Tent mentioned above, but looks great and keeps you dry and warm; however, there is really little gear storage space for your helmets, jackets, and boots, etc.

We advise putting these in a safe spot or perhaps squeezing your gear in with you while you sleep.Carry Bag-the stuff sack that comes with this great little tent keeps it nice and compressed.

You can easily take it up and set it down; the sack in which it is carried saves space and fits easily inside the bikes pannier system.

What I liked

  • Great quality
  • Easy setup and ample sleep space
  • Waterproof and 3 season use
  • Light color was cooler in the mornings

What I didn't like

  • Not designed for motorcyclists
  • Little gear storage
  • Light weight material can damage easily
The MotoTent  provides a nice home away from home when it comes to your passenger, your bike, and your gear. It will comfortably hold up to two riders, the gear they carry, and cover an adventure motorcycle with panniers.

I didn't design this tent, but I manufacture it and quality control the batch, Its "Best value" because the materials are incredibly good and there has been 8 years research and development gone into this tent. Looked after it will last a lifetime.

A true motorcycle tent, you can also pull down a canopy to hide your bike from prying eyes and keep it out of the rain and dust. You will enjoy an ample sleeping area measuring 152,4x183cm / 5 x 6 feet. All packed up, the tent measures only 61x20cm / 24 x 8 inches. This will fit nicely on the back of a bike or in a small trailer towed behind your cycle, too.

We also liked the materials of which the tent was constructed. Like the other great ones on our list, the rip-stop, fire retardant waterproof polyester was something we could be proud of and take on our motorcycle adventures without worry. Pegs were made of good and tough aircraft-grade aluminum, and so were the poles. The groundsheet that comes with it is a perfect fit for underneath the tent and you can also put it under your gear to keep that stuff nice and dry, too!

Some other great things you will like about this motorcycle tent are the reflective ropes and the UV resistant properties that were put into the tent so that it can withstand many years of sun, rain and other weather-related wear and tear. Zippers are also waterproof, and the fabric has hydrostatic ratings that are exceptional. This is one you will use with confidence.

The custom carry bag is included with this motorcycle tent. It folds down nice and neat and fits comfortably into the bag. With some practice, you will not be standing there trying to stuff this thing into the bag and attempting to make it fit. The bag compresses it and makes it easy to bring along.

This particular tent is absolutely designed for motorcycles, as evidenced by the great bike storage area. It helps not having to bring a tarp or cover along while you ride, and the fact that it is waterproof makes it great for protecting your motorcycle. A home away from home.

Now doing a light gray fabric with a world map printed on the side.

What I liked

  • Make this tent so I know the quality.
  • Storage area for the bike-huge plus!
  • Ample sleeping and gear storage area
  • Waterproof ripstop nylon
  • Easy takedown and setup

What I didn't like

  • This tent is not freestanding
  • Weighs in at 5,44 kg (12 lbs) but you get a lot of tent

Best for 4 Seasons Camping

Now, this tough guy is one of our favorites motorcycle tents because we found that can withstand a lot of extream weather conditions, this is reflected in the high price. This is a domed, freestanding motorcycle tent for two people. Bear in mind that you will be making an investment on this tent, but it is going to be well worth it, so you are ready for any and all adventures the open road brings you.

This tent does weigh in at 4,08kg/9 lbs., making it one of our heavier ones. You get a lot of space in this thing, you get a sleeping area that measures in at 228cm/90 inches by 139cm/55 inches. So, it’s pretty big for a motorcycle tent and will make sure you and your stuff and the gear of your pillion if you are 2up. You will not have any trouble putting your gear in here. The packed size of the tent comes in at just 20x56cm/8 x 22 inches. It is a bit bigger but can still be carried on a bike with ease.

The material of which the tent is constructed is Kerlon 1800, which is basically high tenacity ripstop nylon. It’s good quality material! You will enjoy a waterproofed experience and a tent that is resistant to abrasion and puncture. So, whether you’re in a dust storm or a snowstorm, you’ll be okay.

A custom carry bag is included but not designed for motorbike riding. You will enjoy the way in which it compresses the tent down and keeps it compact for your trips. It easily stores all pegs and poles and is easily packed and repacked.

The tent is not custom made for motorcycles, but it can be called motorcycle tent as it ticks most of the boxes for riders needs. It is ideal for all of us who enjoy the great outdoors however; legions of backpackers, bicyclists, motorcycle enthusiasts, and hikers have enjoyed the supreme quality and portability of this tent. We loved how big it was and how it could hold up to any weather.

What I liked

  • Four-season tent for all climates
  • Ample sleeping space for two people and gear
  • A durable motorcycle tent that is waterproof and large, yet folds down easily

What I didn't like

  • No bike cover to go under for protection
  • Tent is the most expensive we saw that could suit motorcycles
  • Some useful accessories had to be purchased separately, like a footprint.

Conclusion for the best motorcycle tent

If I could only choose one motorcycle tent to go adventuring, it would be the Lone Rider ADV Tent by a long shot.

Because I designed it and it out preforms all the other tents by a long shot.

In saying that, you will be in good hands choosing any of these great tents for your next motorcycle adventure. Whether you’re just out for a day trip or weekend jaunt away or taking a month or two off to travel and enjoy the scenery of our beautiful planet, you will be safe and dry in any of these tents.

They have all the feature what you need: waterproof construction, good sleep space, and sturdy materials. All of them are durable and will stand up to even the harshest conditions.

We wish you safe and fun adventures on your motorcycle. Let me know in the comments what tent from the above you would take.

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