How to Wheelie an Adventure Bike [VIDEO]

The one and only Chris Birch shows the most important skill in adventure moto riding.

How to wheelie an adventure bike.

Chris is a legend Enduro rider from New Zealand (my home country ) and eight times New Zealand Enduro champion, Red Bull rider, Dakar Rally competitor, KTM partnerships and much much more.

Who better to learn from? 

The video shows the basic steps to pulling a wheelie.

He starts with bike prep, correct tires, tire pressure etc.

Then moved into how your body should move on the bike.

The final step he shows is the throttle and clutch needed to put it all together and pop the all elusive wheelie.

I really enjoyed this video, I can wheelie the big GS 1200 but always dream of doing it standing up. It just looks so awesome! 


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