Spray-On Mud for Adventure Motorcycles

Targeting self-conscious Starbucks drinking road warriors, whose adventure bike seldom sees anything more then a speed bump, Lone Rider has developed Spray-On Mud. The ultimate instant adventure look at a squirt of a bottle.

Lone Rider has been creating a lot of innovative products lately and this new one is no exception. They position it for the city folk that dream of the wild outdoors but just can’t get out of the concrete jungle or don’t want to take their expensive bike off-road in case it gets a scratch or two.

Spray-On Mud is perfect for that Instagram snap, you can spray it on and wash it off in minutes and not even need to leave your garage. Genius.

Made of original Congolese mud and the latest NASA adhesive technology, Spray-On Mud looks to be the hottest accessory for adventure riders this year. For 78 usd it comes in a 750ml leak free recyclable bottle with a custom splat making nozzle for that perfect mud look.

Spray-On Mud development took over 3 years, one of the main problems engineers encountered was getting the perfect mud color that is found all over the world so clients wouldn’t be found out. The bottle is unique too, it can be used when the bottle is upside down to get under the bike. The nozzle also “Splats” the mud onto the bike for a more natural look.

Another issue encountered was getting it to stick and dry fast enough without running off the motorcycle fairing. This was solved with the help of open source NASA technology and a lot of field testing. Lone Rider said it was important to make the perfect product so fellow riders don’t know the mud is from a bottle, not the trail. They wouldn’t want their clients to go through the embarrassment of their peers finding this out.

Available on their website here: Lone Rider Spray-on Mud

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