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Being broke does not mean you cannot travel. In fact, it means you’ve got nothing holding you down, so just book a flight and worry about the rest later! Okay, maybe that’s a tad too daring, but you’d be amazed at how many breathtaking, yet affordable countries there are that you can travel on a cheap budget.

There is nothing holding you back from buying a cheap vehicle somewhere the other side of the world and going on a truly memorable adventure. Below I have put together a few of the top destinations to travel by car, truck or even motorbike (if you’re feeling brave) when you’re on a tight budget.


Cambodia offers an insight into a completely different culture. From delicious street food to the temples of Angkor Wat, there is a whole host of places to see and things to do. The downside, the flights there are relatively expensive. The upside; everything else is cheap! You can get accommodation with a bathroom for less than $10. You can eat street food meals for less than $2. A beer will cost you less than a $1. Petrol too is cheap, at less than a $1 per liter. All this makes Cambodia an ideal country to travel on a budget. Low living costs and affordable petrol makes immersion into this culture a must.


Cuba is a diverse country boasting of great food and fantastic views. It’s one of the increasingly popular places to visit, and for good reason. Flights from the U.S have now resumed after half a century. You can get accommodation in hostel type rooms for $5 a night. If you look hard enough you can find food for ridiculously cheap prices, at $1 a meal. Beer is around a $1 for a can at a supermarket. Petrol is a tad more expensive at around $1.70 a liter. But Cuba is a place where you can explore and travel by vehicle on a relatively tight budget. Plus, the culture shock isn’t so strong it will leave you feeling homesick.


There is no better place to travel by vehicle than Vietnam. This is due to the layout of the country. Vietnam is long and thin making it easy to drive up or down it and still catch all the worthwhile sites. It is also home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Even better though; it’s cheap! You can get hostel like accommodation for a few dollars. Street food is less than a $1. Beer and petrol can also be found for less than a $1. Vietnam is simply a must-see for an overland budget conscious travelers!


One of the more adventurous overland destinations, Ethiopia has some of the most stunning landscapes and culture in the world. Having traveled to 29 countries in Africa, Ethiopia is one of the first I recommend to travelers. Visit ancient tribes in the Omo Valley or feed wild hyenas from your mouth near the border to Somalia. Accommodation is cheap at $8-10 per night and local food is also delicious and costs less than $2 for a full meal. Camping is possible in the south but it will be hard to find a quiet spot in the central regions. One important factor in any overland adventure is beer, at a whopping $0.50 a can you cant go wrong!

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