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If you want a to play GPS games, travel a little and to be submerged into the most breathtaking scenery and experience cultures and communities in their natural state there is only one way to travel, geocaching. 

Geocaching is a unique and modern way to explore the world and brings with it a cache load of positives. If adventure is your pastime, and you’re looking for an alternative to following the mass of tourists around the local tourist traps with hiked up prices and a lack of character, then read on.

 What is geocaching?

Firstly, what is geocaching? Geocaching is simple GPS game to do and easy to get your head around. All you need is an electronic device that has GPS. You then input one of the 2 million worldwide geocache co-ordinates that are close or far away from you and you head off to find them. When you get to the coordinates there will be a cache. The cache could be a box, a trunk, or something more subtle. Inside it you sign your name in the log book. You could exchange goods and then post online to demonstrate your success.

Why geocache travel?

If you’re not wowed by tourist hotspots that are awash with the tourists and cameras then geocaching is the only way to explore. You will be taken away from the tourist traps and find remote, beautiful scenery that only the locals know about. As it is the locals themselves place the caches in the spots that not even the travel agents are aware of. Plus not only do you get the view and the cache when you find your destination, but many chases have untold stories about local communities and their history, so you learn as you chase!

You could be taken to the mouth of waterfalls, the red dunes in the Wadi Rum. You could find yourself on the nature reserve on the shores of the Dead Sea. You could find yourself at the peak of a volcano summit in Maui, Hawaii. The best part about these hotspots excluding the mind-blowing scenery? You meet locals and experience rich culture instead of meeting Dave and Linda who are in IT on their summer holiday.

It’s also a healthy, fun way to explore outdoors. You’re out in nature, hiking through forests and trekking through sand dunes. You’re exercising your body and expanding your mind. You’re training your brain as you’re sometimes required to solve puzzles and riddles to get to the cache you’re hunting for. Geocaching can be like an outdoor Sudoku! So if you’re stuck for ideas today, go and search for caches. Oh and did I mention, it’s free! There are paid plans but you can also get involved in this worldwide treasure hunt for free.


If you want to get started on this whirlwind adventure and explore the world the modern way, then follow this link to find out more about how you can start your geocache adventure today…

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